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We are a team of developers dedicated to creating and managing systems.

We have acquired the knowledge needed to simplify your business processes via the power of technology. an emphasis on providing value and an immediate return on your investment, we aim to provide solutions which are comprehensive yet easy to use.

We are confident that we can help you lever technology to streamline your administration allowing you to grow your business and increase profit margins through efficiency. We aim to build long term relationships with our clients and see ourselves more as partners as opposed to suppliers. Call us today for an informal chat, you will not be disappointed.

Indigo 21 Ltd, an IT solutions company providing desktop and network support, web design, internet connectivity, hosted telephony and much more. We have been providing our clients with a complete range of technology solutions since 2003. We are a team of IT specialists doing what we do best so that our Clients are free to concentrate on doing what they do best. With a passion for providing innovative solutions, we can proudly claim to have transformed the fortunes of many businesses via the use of technology. Making contact with Indigo 21 for your any IT requirements will probably be the best move you will ever make on behalf of your business. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.




Access to 3 portals are supplied (admin, clients and suppliers) where all functionalities are integrated yet confined according to user privileges .

Job Management

You can create jobs which monitor and manage cargo logistics within the warehouse. There is achieved by an easy to use task based system where tasks are assigned to a job.


The system will save you time by generating invoices for quotations for storage and peripheral services in pdf format which can easily be accessed by your clients and suppliers.

Product Management

Monitoring the status and managing products in the warehouse is hugely simplified. Transferring products from one location to another, picking of products, calculating storage age, etc. are effectively managed by the system.

Task Assignment

The system will help you to organise and assign tasks to specific users within your organisation. You can easily identify the handler of the tasks and which tasks should be prioritised.

Stock Management

Maintaining your inventory and knowing what stock has been utilised for a job is invaluable. This system function will make you aware of any stock short falls well in advance of potential issues.

Email Notifications

Email notification are triggered by certain events (task assignment, quotation generated, service created, etc.). There is also an option to generate text messages should needs dictate.

Account Management

Administrators can manage and update account information for users, clients and suppliers across all accounts. Clients and suppliers can only update their own information.

Admin Portal

job management

product management (storage/warehousing/pickout)

stock management

task assignment


email and optional text notifications

download and upload of documents

account management of users, clients and suppliers

Client Portal

 account management

 pickout requests

 viewing of product status and information

 viewing of invoices

 email notification to admin when pickout request has been made

Supplier Portal

 account management

 job management

 viewing of invoices

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Manage and Scale Your Inventory effectively and in real time

You can rapidly scale your warehousing needs to accommodate seasonal changes, business growth, and high-volume customers.

Visibility at Every Stage

Cargosimplified enables you to provide visibility and peace of mind to your customers. They see the status of goods easily. Like you, they can access information whenever they need it.

Flexible and easily Configurable

Our support team are always on hand to configure Cargosimplified for your unique corporate needs.

Web Tracking Made Simple

Cargosimplified is a web based system that allows you to easily track any information such as jobs, quotations, invoices, tasks and much more.

More Effective Workflow Management

Cargosimplified provides you with the ability to monitor and control the planning and execution of events across your entire operation.

Electronic Document Management

Cargosimplified frees you from stacks of paper and folders by giving you a centralised management system for all your important information.

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We have prepared answers for some commonly asked questions.

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